Volunteer Hamilton is dedicated to the engagement of volunteers of all ages and circumstances. Our goal is to facilitate community engagement by raising awareness and understanding about volunteerism in the social profit sector and assisting those who want to volunteer in connecting with a meaningful opportunity. In this one hour interactive presentation, Volunteer Hamilton will educate you about trends and statistics in volunteering, the social profit sector and what it means to volunteer in Canada. By the end of this session, you will identify your skills and talents to find the best volunteering experience to suit your needs.

Who it’s for:
- Students of all ages
- New-comer Canadians
- Corporate groups with employee supported volunteering looking for a teambuilding experience
- Senior and retirement groups
- Community groups
- Professional groups
- Those entering or re-entering the workforce who look to gain experience or a networking opportunity

What’s it about:
- Connecting with your passion
- Believing in a cause
- Creating a personal inventory of skills, talents, goals, and desires
- Why we volunteer
- Volunteering statistics in Canada and Hamilton
- Trends in Volunteerism
- The social profit sector and where to volunteer
- Volunteering best practices
- How volunteering can help your career path
- Volunteering and good citizenship
- Volunteering as a means for settlement and integration for newcomers
- Tips on how to find a meaningful volunteer activity

To book this presentation: call 905-523-4444 or email info@volunteerhamilton.on.ca