Opportunities for High School Students

We know how important it is for High School Students to earn their Community Service Hours. Here is a list of all programs which have openings for youth in High School (ages 14-18). Some programs may require students to be 16 years or older. Please check the requirements for each postings before applying.


Ways to be Involved

1. ChangeTheWorld Ontario Youth Challenge
2. One Time Events
3. Long-Term Opportunities


ChangeTheWorld Youth Challenge

The ChangeTheWorld – Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge is a call to action for youth aged 14 to 18 years to volunteer through a wide variety of exciting community initiatives. Now in its 10th year, ChangeTheWorld is an opportunity for youth to be part of a provincial campaign and to be a force for good in their local community.


ChangeTheWorld Events
While all  open events are currently accepting volunteers, interested volunteers must sign up in advance

Event name:  Stewards of Cootes Watershed- Weekend Watershed Cleanups (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date:  April 23, April 30th and May 6th from 1-4 and May 14th, May 20th, May 28th and June 3rd from 9am-12pm
Location:  64 Hatt Street, Dundas
Description:  Join us for community cleanups along the Dundas Watershed. 
How to Sign Up: 
Either through Website: www.stewardsofcootes.ca 
Through Facebook: fb.com/stewardsofcootes
Or by emailing: info@stewardsofcootes.ca 

Event name:  Stewards of Red Hill Watershed- Weekend Watershed Cleanups (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date:  April 22, April 29 and May 7  from 1-4 and May 13, May 21 and May 27 from 9am-12pm
Location:  TBA for each date
Description:  Join us for community cleanups along the Red Hill Watershed. 
How to Sign Up: 
Either through the Website: www.stewardsofcootes.ca 
Through Facebook: fb.com/stewardsofredhill
Or by emailing: info@stewardsofredhill.ca 

Event name:  Start2Finish Running & Reading Club (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date:  One day a week for two hours until May 27th, 2017
Location:  Prince of Wales Elementary School; Dr. J. Edgar School; Bennetto School; St. Ann Catholic Elementary School
Volunteers Needed From:  3:10pm-5:10pm
Description: The Start2Finish Running & Reading Club is an innovative and fun after school program that effectively supports children grade 1-6 with opportunity for physical activity, literacy, and mentorship among. The program targets elementary school aged children, operating directly within city schools once per week for 2 hours. It is a fun way to improve your community and be a role model for younger student.
How to Sign Up: email Michelle at michelle.wray@start2finishonline.org

Event name: Paris to Ancaster Bicycle Race (OPEN to volunteers)
Event date:
April 29, April 30
Ancaster Community Centre, Jerseyville Road, Ancaster
Volunteers Needed from:
April 25th 7-10pm, April 29th 8am-5pm, April 30th 8am-6pm
Registration assistants, stuffing race kits, distributing number plates, race corner marshals, direct riders at turns, advise residents of race activity
How to Sign Up: 

Event name: The Escarpment Project (OPEN to volunteers)
Event date: Sunday April 30th

Location: Various (click here to see all locations)
Volunteers Needed from10am-5pm.  Following the clean-up there is a free BBQ for all volunteers a the Punchbowl Market (shuttle busses will be taking volunteers from the clean-up sites to the BBQ)
Description: Community clean-up event taking place at several trails throughout the Hamilton area. 
How to Sign Up: click here

Event name:  Doors Open Hamilton at the Cotton Factory Volunteers (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date:  Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7, 2017
Location:  The Cotton Factory (270 Sherman Avenue North)
Volunteers Needed From:
Saturday May 6th 9am-4pm (either full day or half day)

Sunday May 7th 9am-4pm (either full day or half day)
Description: Doors Open Hamilton is fast approaching and we are looking for a few volunteers who are happy to help! This may include learning a little bit about the history of the Cotton Factory and sharing this with the public, directing people, walking around the grounds of the Cotton Factory to ensure everyone is cared for and more!
How to Sign Up: Email cynthia@cottonfactory.ca

Event name:  Stars on Ice Hamilton (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date:  Saturday May 6, 2017
Location:  FirstOntario Centre
Volunteers Needed From:  4:30pm-10:30pm
Description: We are looking for 50 volunteers, preferably 14 years old and up, to enjoy the show and hand out chocolate during the intermission. Volunteers under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult volunteer.  All volunteers will be given a ticket to enjoy the show for free.  This is also an excellent opportunity to collect volunteer hours. 
How to Sign Up: Please email soivolunteers@cinco.ca with your full name, age, email, phone number, shirt size and how you heard about us.

Event name: Hamilton-Stoney Creek Mandarin MS Walk (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date: 
Sunday May 7th
Confederation Park
Volunteers Needed From: 
Various shifts available with different start times depending on the position
A walk-a-thon in support of the MS Society of Canada
How to sign up: Click here 
for a list of available shifts and to sign up

Event name: Louder than a Bomb Festival with Hamilton Youth Poets (
OPEN to volunteers)
Event Dates: May 8, May 9, May 10, May 11, May 12 and May 20
Location: Many of the events will be at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (123 King Street West) with one or two at the York Street Hamilton Library (55 York Blvd) and then the finals will be on the 20th at Theatre Aquarius (190 King William Street)
Volunteers Needed From: Volunteers would need to be at the events 45 minutes before and after events for set-up and clean-up

May 8th 10am-3pm
May 9th 9am onwards for multiple events throughout the day
May 10th 6:30pm - 9pm
May 11 from 6:30pm - 9pm
May 12 11am-2pm and 6pm - 10pm
May 13- TBD
May 20 6pm - 9pm
Description: Louder Than a Bomb Canada (LTABC) 2017 Event Series. LTABC is an annual hip hop poetry youth festival taking place May 8th to 20th- during Youth Mental Health Week, Youth Week Hamilton and Nation Youth Arts Week. LTABC brings together writers, emcees, poets and poetry teams founded in schools and community centres for an annual competition each spring. As the largest youth poetry festival in the nation, LTABC offers an opportunity to come together in a space that allows young people to speak up and be heard.
How to sign up:  https://hyp2.typeform.com/to/tGhsGu

Event name: Springtacular Gala in support of Rygiel Supports for Community Living (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date: Wednesday May 10th
Location: Michaelangelo's (1555 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton)
Volunteers Needed From: 5pm-10pm for Silent and Live Auctions (10 volunteers); 5pm-7:30pm (Welcome Volunteers); 10am-4pm (Set-up Volunteers)
Description: A fundraising dinner gala for Rygiel Supports for Community Living
How to sign up: Email Viola Galamini vgalamini@rygiel.ca

Event name: Hamilton's Climb for Cancer (OPEN to volunteers)
Event date:
 Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13
Location: Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton
Volunteers Needed From: 6am to 4pm (2 x 4 hour shifts available)
Description: The Climb for Cancer is a grassroots Hamilton fundraiser promoting healthy, active living in the Hamilton community, while also raising funds to support specific initiatives at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Please visit our website at www.myclimbforcancer.com for further event information.
How to Sign Up: The Volunteer Section on our website is currently under construction. Please contact Ashley Redshaw (Volunteer Coordinator) directly at aredshaw@myclimbforcancer.com.

Event name: Cancer Assistance Program Care Walk (OPEN to volunteers)
Event Date: 
Saturday May 27
Location: Bayfront Park (200 Harbour Front Drive)

Volunteers Needed From: 10am-2pm
Description: Walk-a-thon fundraiser in support of CAP
How to Sign Up: Email Becky McMahon- teamlead@cancerassist.ca

Opportunity: Sewing Volunteer with Shalom Village (OPEN to volunteers)

Location: Shalom Village (70 Macklin Street North)
Dates: This is a weekly commitment for one evening a month starting in late May and going for 2 months
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm once a week for 2 months
Description: Looking for student volunteers for our Sew Connected program where students will work with our senior volunteers to sew fidget quilts for our residents that have Alzheimer's or other dementia's.
How to sign up: Click "apply now" at the bottom of the posting, which is found at http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/students-aged-14-18-needed/


For more info on CTW click here


One Time Events (4-8 hours each average)

Lynne's Legacy Run Volunteers (Saturday May 6)



Long Term Volunteer Opportunities (20+ hours)
Positions are sorted by organization

Aberdeen Gardens Retirement Residence  (330 Dundurn Street South)

Maintenance Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/-19/

Music Video Producer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/music-video-producer-3/

Entertainer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/entertainer-3/

Pretty Polish- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/pretty-polish-3/

Evening Receptionist- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/evening-receptionist-2/

Euchre Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/euchre-assistant-2/

Activity Leader- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/activity-leaderassistant/

Bingo Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bingo-assistant-volunteer-2/

Xbox Bowling Game Leader- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/-14/

Movie Player- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/movie-player/

AbleLiving Services – Thrive Group (Hamilton Mountain)

Meal Time Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/meal-time-assistant/

Alexander Place Long Term Care (329 Parkside Drive)

Volunteer in a Long Term Care Home- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/volunteer-in-a-long-term-care-home/

Barton Village BIA (448 Barton Street East, Hamilton)

Graphic Designer - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/graphic-designer/

Canadian Blood Services (35 Stone Church Road, Ancaster)

Community Outreach Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/community-outreach-volunteer/

Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (26 Arrowsmith Road)

Tutor- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/tutor-4/

CityKidz (601 Burlington Street East, Hamilton)

Kinder Buddy- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/kinder-buddy-4/

Home Visit Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/home-visit-volunteer-3/

Stage and Production Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/stage-and-production-team-3/

Office Administration- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/office-administration-3/

First Aid Attendant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/first-aid-attendant-4/

Bus Logistics Support- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bus-logistics-support-4/

Welcome Team Member- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/welcome-team-member-4/

Eva Rothwell Resource Centre at Robert Land (460 Wentworth Street North)

Clothing and Furniture Room Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/clothing-and-furniture-room-volunteer/

Friends of H.M.C.S. HAIDA

Gift Shop Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/volunteer-6/

Shipboard Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/shipboard-volunteer/ 

Good Shepherd (Various locations)

Food Bank Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/food-bank-volunteer/

Hot Meal Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/hot-meal-volunteer/

Child Minding Volunteers- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/child-minding-volunteers/

Warehouse Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/warehouse-assistant/

Gourley Park Community Association (West Hamilton)

Event Volunteers- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/event-volunteers/

Great Big Theatre Company (4 Thistle Lane, Dundas)

Costume Designer/ Sewer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/costume-designer-sewer/

Hamilton & District Extend A Family (293 Wellington Street N)

Recreation Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/recreation-assistant-5/

Hamilton Health Sciences- General Hospital (237 Barton Street East)

Vending Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/vending-assistant-2/

Greeter- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/greeter-wayfinder-2/

Gift Shop Snack Cart- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/gift-shop-snack-cart/

Hamilton Public Library (Various locations)

Teen Tech Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/teen-tech-volunteers/

Hamilton Public Health Services – Unfiltered Facts(110 King Street West)

Youth Ambassador- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/youth-ambassador-2/

Hamilton Victory Gardens

Gardening Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/gardening-volunteer-2

Hamilton Youth Poets

Social Media Coordinator- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/social-media-coordinators/


Homefront Cancer Services (Stoney Creek)

Sewing Volunteers- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/knit-or-crochet/

Idewyld Manor (449 Sanatorium Road, Hamilton)

Tea and Chat Leader- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/tea-and-chat-leader/

Craft Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/craft-assistant-recreation/

Recreation Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/recreation-assistant-2/

Friendly Visitor- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/friendly-visitor-4/

Special Events Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/special-events-assistant/

Porter- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/porter-2/

Card Player- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/card-player/

Maintenance Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/maintenance-assistant-3/

Laundry Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/laundry-assistant/

Meal Enhancement Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/meal-enhancement-assistant/

INKspire (Virtual Volunteer Opportunity)

INKspire Writer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/inkspire-writer/

INKspire Editor- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/inkspire-editor/

Front End Developer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/front-end-developer-work-from-home/

Macassa Lodge (701 Upper Sherman Avenue)

Bingo Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bingo-assistant-3/

Day Program Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/-76/


Makers- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/makers/

Mark Preece Family House (191 Barton Street East)

House Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/house-assistant/

Mission Services of Hamilton (Various Locations)

Client Support Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/client-support-assistant-2/

Warehouse Assistant-http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/warehouse-assistant-4/

Facilities Assistant - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/facilities-assistant-2/

Kitchen Assistants- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/kitchen-assistants-3/

New Horizons Thrift Store - Welcome Inn Community Centre (520 James Street North, Hamilton)

New Horizons Thrift Store Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/new-horizons-thrift-store-assistant/

Ronald McDonald House Charities Hamilton (1510 Main Street West)

Summer Volunteer Program- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/summer-volunteer-program

Gardening Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/gardening-volunteer-springsummer

Lawn and Yard Maintenance- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/lawn-yard-maintenance-volunteer-springsummer

House Refresher- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/house-refresher-2/

School Sisters of Notre Dame (1921 Snake Road, Waterdown)

Activities Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/activities-assistant/

Seniors Activation Maintenance Program – SAM East (1831 King Street East)

 Musician/Artist- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/musicianartist/

Staff Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/staff-assistant/

Shalom Manor Long Term Care Home (12 Bartlett Ave, Grimsby)

Friendly Visitor- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/friendly-visitor-3/

Shalom Village (70 Macklin Street North)

Friendly Visiting Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/friendly-visiting-volunteer/

Skills for Change (163 Market Street, Dundas)

Bridging the Gap Volunteers- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bridging-the-gap-2/

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (50 Charlton Ave E)

Ambassador- Charlton Campus- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/ambassador-charlton-campus/

St. Joseph’s Villa (56 Governors Road, Dundas)

Adult Day Program Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/adult-day-program-assistant-2/

Recreation Program Assistant - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/recreation-program-assistant-3/

Meal Companion- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/meal-companion-2/

Bowling Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bowling-assistant-3/

Indoor Special Events-  http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/indoor-special-events-2/

Tea Hostess-  http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/tea-hostess-2/

Outdoor Program Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/outdoor-program-assistant-2/

Bus Outing Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/bus-outing-assistant-2/

Community Outreach Clinic http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/community-outreach-clinic-2/

St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke (125 Redfern Ave)

Newspaper Reader-

Family Volunteer Program- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/family-volunteer-program/

Friendly Visitor- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/friendly-visitor-2/

Hair Salon Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/hair-salon-assistant/

Start2Finish (Various locations)

Running & Reading Club Mentor- St Ann School- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/running-reading-club-mentor-st-ann-school/

Running & Reading Club Mentor – Dr. J. Edgar Davey School - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/running-reading-club-mentor-dr-j-edgar-davey-school-2/

Running & Reading Club Mentor – Benetto School - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/running-reading-club-mentor-benetto-school-2/

Running & Reading Club Mentor – Prince of Wales School - http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/running-reading-club-mentor-prince-of-wales-school-2/

Stewards of Cootes Watershed (Various)

Volunteer Stewards- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/volunteer-stewards-3

Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games

2017 Toronto North American Indigenous Games Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/2017-toronto-north-american-indigneous-games-volunteer/

Volunteer Hamilton (140 King Street East, Hamilton)

ChangeTheWorld 2017 Youth Ambassador- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/changetheworld-2017-youth-ambassador/

Distribution Volunteer-  http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/distribution-volunteers-changetheworld/

Welcome Inn Community Centre (40 Wood Street East, Hamilton)

Food Bank Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/food-bank-assistant/

Food Literacy Volunteer- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/food-literacy-volunteer/

Wentworth Lodge (41 South Street West, Dundas)

Recreation Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/recreation-assistant-6/

Westfield Heritage Museum (1049 Kirkwall Road, Rockton)

Historic Interpreter- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/historic-interpreter-2/

YWCA Hamilton (75 MacNab Street South)

Girls/Children Programs Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/girlschildren-program-assistant-4/

Young Women’s Advisory Council- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/young-womens-advisory-council-2/

Daycare Assistant- http://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/jobs/view/daycare-assistant-2/