Emotional integration is considered to be the final stage to full newcomer community integration. The volunteer experience enhances a newcomers opportunity to engage in their community in a meaningful way.

Working Effectively with Newcomer Volunteers:

Session One: Engaging the Newcomer as a New Canadian

This session is designed for newcomers who are interested in volunteering and covers the following:

– What is volunteering?
– A Brief History Lesson.
– What does it mean to volunteer in Canada?
– Why are volunteers important?
– Why volunteer?
– What to expect from volunteering.
– How to volunteer.
– Important Considerations.
– Important Skills.

To book this presentation at your organization or in your classroom, please call 905-523-4444 or email info@volunteerhamilton.on.ca.

Session Two: ┬áRecruiting and Supporting Volunteers from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds – How to prepare your Organization to Engage the Newcomer Volunteer

This session is designed for organizations looking to recruit newcomers and covers the following:

– Engaging newcomers in a meaningful way.
– Managing the challenges of language, different expectations and perceptions about volunteer roles.
– Developing an inclusive organizational culture and culturally sensitive practices.
– Successfully recruiting and retaining volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds.

If you would like more information about this workshop please call 905-523-4444.


The following are some of the organizations in Hamilton that can assist newcomers to Canada:

St. Joseph’s Immigrant Women’s Centre
Welcome Inn
Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI)
Wesley Urban Ministries