Volunteer Hamilton is the community expert on the involvement and management of volunteer programs. We provide assistance to our members through community service, education, training, advocacy, consultation and help with human resources. We can support your organization in many ways, from board development to volunteer management and recruitment, to value-added programs.

Membership benefits:

Human Resources

Board members, administrative volunteers, special events volunteers and more. We can help you fill your agency’s volunteer needs through our network of community contacts and marketing tools.

Education and training

Volunteer Hamilton provides workshops, seminars, networking, and consultation – we can answer those critical problems faced in any volunteer program. From how to find the right volunteers for the right position to volunteering and staff relations, Volunteer Hamilton can help you problem solve effectively.

Marketing and Public Relations

From advertising volunteer opportunities to connecting you to resources which will enhance your public relations campaign, Volunteer Hamilton has the skills, expertise and community contacts to assist you.

Engaging Volunteers

Each volunteer has their own specialized reason for volunteering and each group presents both opportunities and challenges for today’s social profit organizations. Volunteer Hamilton can help you engage and involve each type of volunteer – from youth to senior.

Volunteer Management Training

Volunteer Hamilton can provide you with workshops on volunteer management. Learn from us how to recruit, train, retain, and reward your volunteers. We run regular workshops that will provide you with the tools to get your started or build on what you have already developed.

Posting to our online volunteer database

Member agencies are able to post volunteer opportunities directly onto our website using our quick and “Post a Job” template. Post as many volunteer opportunities as needed and update them as required through our website. The database has been averaging over 10,000 personal views per month over the past year and is the go-to place for volunteer engagement. On average, the database refers over 300 volunteers to our member agencies per month.

Corporate supported volunteerism

Volunteer Hamilton can assist with organizing your workforce into an effective volunteer team and connect your company with a wide variety of group volunteer opportunities that are also available.

Discounts on specified workshops and training courses

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